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April 13, 2008
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What's Your Name? by Esuka What's Your Name? by Esuka
"Well, I thought that would go a bit more smoothly..." Esuka chuckled to himself, glancing down at the girl beside him. Despite their rather harrowing escape from the palace grounds, not a spec of dirt adorned her person, as if it chose not to touch her.
Her clothing was much simpler than when he had found her; her giant headdress, as well as the the too large robe that had hidden her was gone. Although her expression before had been incredibly blank, her eyes now drooped with a different lack of energy.
"What's wrong, you tired?" The freelancer stopped, resting his hand lightly on her shoulder. She looked up at him and nodded slightly. Smiling to himself, Esuka hoisted her onto his back. "Fine, fine, I'll carry you the rest of the way. You probably haven't walked this much... ever, have you, Hime-chan?" She responded in silence.
"Hmmm. You know, it's courtesy to at least respond when people talk to you." Silence... He was getting agitated now. "Fine! at least tell me your name. You have one, don't you, Hime-chan?" Silence....
The young freelancer had never been good with his temper, and was about to pull his brush on some poor object nearby when-
"My name... Haruna..." Esuka sighed and smiled, letting the tension in his shoulders subside.
"Haruna-chan, huh? It's a nice name." He smiled at her. And she, for the first time he had seen her do so, smiled back.


Whhhhheeeew, I just sorta drew this on a whim when i started, but wouldn't you know it, a story popped into my head. My imagination: my gift and my curse.

The entire story, if i choose to write it instead of my other two stories (Refuge and one i never posted) is Esuka's (© Me :P) tale of origin, how he became... not a hero, but... a... um... you know, that thing that's kinda like a hero, but... a Good Guy, whatever (/_\)=3 ugh. The girl, as nicknamed by Esu (Hime-chan), is a princess (that's for the story later if i choose to write it. I have to many ideas popping into the void 'tween my ears)

Couple facts I will probably refine later if i choose to go more in depth.

Age: 19
Gender: Male
Favorite food: Tayaki
Hobby: Drawing
Occupation: Freelancer

Age: 13
Gender: Female
Favorite food: Blackberry
Hobby: Reading.... everything she can find.
Occupation: Kidnapped Princess ^w^

How long is this now? Eh, i had a good deal to write :P anyway, story idea, may write, may abandon like so much else, who knows! *Looks at the "Abandoned project" Drawer in his head and sighs* (-_-)=3

Also, If Haruna kinda looks like Kisa... I did say i was obsessed with Furuba, did I not? ... I'm not an old pervert... shut up.
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