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S5 E24: Behind the Glamour by Esuka
S5 E24: Behind the Glamour
Oh god, this season and it's cute ponies. What ever am I to do with all these cute ponies! This episode was a good swing up for me, and not just got its cute characters. It showed a good relationship between two characters. It was well paced and hit its beats in a pleasing way. It was deliberate without being self righteous about a message, which could have been easy to do in this situation. My biggest gripe, I'd say, was that the manager did not get any sort of comeuppance, but that's unfortunately all too true. Some times, bad people get to walk away, so it's really more a gripe with reality than with this story.

I think the way Rara as a personality and as a character was handled was well executed. Her wants and intentions did not necessarily meet up with her persona as constructed, but everyone just assumes that to be what she wants. Maybe we can take that into consideration before we rag on celebrities and their antics... Probably not, but maybe. Lastly, shout outs to some great songs this episode. Just fantastic work.

Well folks, we're coming to it at last. The conclusion to the fifth season. I hope you're looking forward to it. I know I am. Until then, Happy Thanksgiving.

MLP:FiM is (c) Hasbro
S5 E23: War of the Pumpkins by Esuka
S5 E23: War of the Pumpkins
Pumpkins for days. This episode was a lot of fun, mostly for all the crazy yokel characters we got from the two families. Granted, only two of them spoke in most cases, but they were great, and the designs overall were great. The designs of the two hills were a lot of fun as well, showcasing their strengths and weaknesses. The plot was nothing spectacular, but still had some fun beats, and was well executed scene by scene.

I think my main issue would be Twilight and Fluttershy, but more Twilight. Fluttershy was, well, being herself, so ok she gets a pass. But Twilight is supposed to be the Princess of Friendship(tm). I get that she's a nerd, and that organizing and analyzing is her natural way to attacking problems. But shouldn't she have, by now, intuited that not everything is empirically solved, especially matters of friendship? It seems too late in her arc for her to be having problems like this. Don't get me wrong, it was humorous, but it felt out of place.

Still, I'd call it one of the better episodes of the season. If nothing else, we got to see more of Equestria and its colorful characters. And that's always a plus.
S5 E22: Cool Story by Esuka
S5 E22: Cool Story
So I guess all that cool stuff that happened over the weekend actually did happen? I was guessing that they were all making it up to pull a fast one on Twilight, since none of them could corroborate their story when asked. Kind of weird that that wasn't the case, but oh well. I thought Twilight was pretty well done this time around, and it was fun to see this scenario play out. We don't get to experience everything, and it sucks to know how much we don't get to be there for. I thought Twilight was fine, and I thought the others were fine. Discord was fine, but I don't know if HE knows how this whole thing is supposed to work. He's still grasping friendship, and he makes some pretty hefty screwups. I think it wouldn't have worked if they had just forgiven him, and much like Scare Master, it was successful because they didn't play it off. When they realized that he had caused this whole mess, they called him out. It emulates the sentiment and expectation of the audience, rather than try to be a "moral" ending.

All in all a pretty good episode. Discord's antics were lacking compared to other appearances, but the rest of the case did a good job.

MLP:FiM is (c) Hasbro
S5 E21: Things That Go Meep In The Night by Esuka
S5 E21: Things That Go Meep In The Night
Too spooky for me. Ok, but really. This episode had a much better final act than the rest of it let on. I think some of the stuff I said in the Discord episode can apply here, but Fluttershy was played up to such a degree that it was kind of insufferable. I get that she was scared and overly cautious of everything, but to completely miss the spirit of the holiday was a buzzkill. I was kind of in Rainbow's camp for much of this episode. That said, I was amused by the others not really trying to play along. They were just confused and underwhelmed, which I felt was a more believable response.

But then we get to the corn maze act, and wow did things get better. The execution was impressive, the shots and mood was on point. There were a few great references, and an overall sense of expertise. The overall ending was ok, a bit of a grinding halt from the rest of that greatness, but it made sense. If it the corn maze hadn't been there, I would have liked little and less about this episode. But it was, and it really turned the slog of the first two acts into a buildup for a solid payoff.

Alright, a few closing notes: 1) Fuck Angel. Irredeemable little shit. 2) Fluttershy's scary tea party was about social anxiety and being a disappointment to people that you care. While it failed on a spooky level, and was played as a weak attempt at being scary, that got real. 3) Rainbow with a helmet full of candy was adorable. 4) What was Pinkie's costume? I feel like it was a reference, but I can't place it.

Happy Halloween everyone.

MLP:FiM is (c) Hasbro
S5 E20: Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Esuka
S5 E20: Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Get it? Cause rocks? It's, it's a- I'll go.

Anyway, as to this episode. I think they missed the holiday window by a few weeks, but they would have been squeezing it in right at the end of the season otherwise. This was a pretty fun episode, and we got to meet a lot of characters finally. It was interesting to see the Pie sisters with personality, and get an idea of how each of them developed. The parents remain virtually sans character, but that feels intentional. It was good also to see Pinkie and Applejack try to negotiate the scenario, something they both want but don't necessarily grasp the whole of. Pinkie understands both parties, but can't explain them properly, while AJ was lacking half of the critical information. The rest of the apples kind of existed to provide some insight later, but were mostly just foils to work with their Pie counterparts.

I think the big question of this episode is whether AJ's actions made sense for her, and I'd say yes. While perhaps an extreme, her big sister attitude and some reluctance to change from what she knows makes this response to the Pie traditions believable, if not reasonable. That said, I imagine most folks have encountered something other people do regularly that they just can't understand. In some cases, you can roll with it, and in some cases you might try to negotiate it. In uncomfortable cases, you try to navigate back to the familiar as fast as you can. Could AJ have talked the problem out and discovered things faster? Sure, but that doesn't suit the mare of action that she is.

While it's no Hearth's Warming Eve, this was a nice episode with some wonderful characters. Maud has managed to make her way back a few times, so maybe we'll see some more of the other Pie sisters too.

MLP:FiM is (c) Hasbro.
Hey everyone. So I meant to get this started much earlier in the summer, but it has not been as relaxing and open as I had hoped.
That's neither here nor there though, what's important is that

Commissions are open! Check out the rules and pricing below

  • Contact me at or pm me if you are interested.
  • Payment accepted through Paypal only (paid as gift, to the e-mail above)
  • Payment in USD
  • I expect payment first. If you order a commission, you will receive it, so no need to worry.


  • Special styles may be negotiated, though an additional cost may be added
  • The base price includes one character. There are charges for: additional characters, backgrounds, and large sizes.
  • A large size is a large desktop size or beyond, and requires additional care to minor details.
  • Prices will vary for some situations. If you're looking for something like icons or comics, you'll get personalized prices.


  • NSFW commissions will not be accepted.
  • OCs are welcome! Please include references of your OC(s).

Please get in touch with me if you have any questions. Cheers, everyone.

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Its absolutely amazing in my eyes, and just looking through your dA gallery, so is the rest of your works!
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